Think or Thwim breaks down the parts of sunlight in their post on how sunscreen works.

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The energy radiating from the sun ranges from short ultraviolet waves to long infrared:

Ultraviolet 5%
Visible 46%
Infrared 49%
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I’m not going to be talking about sunscreen in itself. But I think this serves as a good reminder that small things count. The UV rays account for 5% of the sun’s energy. And this 5% is what sunscreen protects us against. It’s that 5% that makes a world of difference, between how safe it is to stay out. It’s this 5% that we want to protect ourselves against.

Reading this reminds me of something that Bishop TD Jakes mentioned in Hillsong Conference 2007. He talked about how he dealt with criticism from others. He got his team to google all references to his name, and collate all the good and bad reports. The bad reports were only 5% of it. And most of the time, it’s true. Criticisms are only a small part of other’s opinions. More often than not, there are a lot more people who believe in us, who think well of us, who we’ve touched in some way or another. We need to protect ourselves from the 5%. It may be small, but it can be really dangerous if we let it get to us.

How can you protect yourself against the 5% – the small, but seemingly large, amounts – of criticism about what you do?