Suggested by Chris Brogan on the Grasshoppers forum:

“This week, at least twice, spend a moment of your time promoting someone else. Do your best to tell someone else about a friend or colleague of yours that you admire, and that you feel deserves more attention. Use your blog or podcast or email or LinkedIN or whatever to get the message out there.

Do this THIS WEEK.”

The second ‘promotion’ will come later this week, and will probably be a bit more personal (as in a personal friend). But for now, the first person.

The first person I’m going to promote is Sarah Deutsch. She’s a really visionary person, in my opinion. She has unique (and what I think are really good) thoughts about education. And she’s in the process of starting up a drama school, with more focus on hands on education (Sarah, if I’m making any mistakes, feel free to jump in and I’ll correct it). I’m not very sure of the details, but I think it’s a really good idea started by a really inspiring person. Would encourage you guys to help in whatever way you can, through giving ideas, funding, or whatever way you can think of.

But now, more importantly, what about you? I encourage you to take Chris’ suggestion and promote someone else who you think deserves it. I think the world would be so much better if we all just took time to promote someone else instead of focusing on ourselves. So, yeah. Who do you think deserves attention?