Peopleized is a really interesting site. A good platform, and a unique twist on standard social networking sites.

To quote Ilker from The Thinking Blog, “Peopleized is a social networking thinking website which is based on a very simple yet genius idea; connecting people by encouraging them to make interviews with each other. This way users develop a better relationship than any other social networking sites. They ask each other any questions they want and share the interview with others.”

I’ve written a lot about the value of getting together with the right people and making the right connections. And I think Peopleized is a great platform for that. Above just the standard “adding as friends” on standard social networking sites, it gives you something to do with the contacts you make.

There’s great value in asking questions to people and getting into a conversation with them. As Ed Young (a speaker at Hillsong Conference 2007) said, “Ask the right questions to the right people, and you’ll get the right answers.” So yeah, I encourage you to go on Peopelized, ask questions to people. I believe you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll make meaningful connections in the process. It’s worth your time.