At some of the best restaurants in the world, you don’t get to choose your meal. There’s no such thing as going back for a favourite dish. The chef decides the menu, to take you on a journey – because it’s his work, his art, and he knows best.

The chef creates based on what he knows believes in, because he trusts his abilities and his instincts.

It might seem arrogant (and perhaps even selfish). Some people say they’d hate to go to restaurants like that. But it really isn’t. It’s about the belief that your vision will provide the best experience – beyond anything the customer could imagine for themselves.

Sometimes, that’s the best way to provide the best experience – both for you, and for the people around you. When you try to listen too much to those around, you risk diluting your own vision, and losing the impact.

When you do things your way, you’re able to go in a direction that you fully believe in and are passionate about. And because of that, the results are going to be better.