Most of you may have noticed, a couple of weeks ago, I changed the template of this blog. Just thought I’d take the time to explain my choices behind the template and widgets.

I’ll start of with the main template. I just find it quite interesting, and unique. I like the play of colors, it’s bright and striking, but still professional and clean.

Now, the widgets. The orange section is more focused on community. “About Me” is pretty obvious. I think for you guys to know more about me. I might change it into a more complete page soon (after I get back from Boston, probably).

The “Contact Me” and “Reach My Mobile” sections are there to make it easy for you to connect with me. I believe it’s useful because a blog is all about community. And for that same reason, I have the “My Communities” section. A list of places where I’m on, where you can find more about me, and reach me. And it’s also as much about you, the readers, which is the reason behind the MyBlogLog widget.

“Help Spread My Blog” is quite straightforward. It’s to make it easy for you to share and promote this blog, if you like it. The links are to appreciate and promote the people who’ve inspired and helped me and this blog.

As for BlogRush, it’s a new system that’s generating a lot of talk among bloggers, so I’m trying it out to see how/what value it adds to this blog.

As for the blue bar, most of it is more focused on this blog. Search is to make it easier for you guys to browse the blog. Subscription and Mobile are there to basically make it as easy as possible for you guys to access this blog. Donations are quite self explanatory.

“What’s on My Mind” is basically to share little snippets that I think about, but might not have that much to write about (as I explained here).

My recommended books are there not as much to earn money (though that would be a nice side bonus) but to share with you the books that have made an impact on my life. And I think these books would be good for you as well.

Awards and Technorati is partly for my ego (well, I am human). But also partly to appreciate and promote the people who have recognized this blog, through the awards or through links. And the archive is self explanatory.

A long list, I know. But just thought I’d give a little insight behind the scenes as to why I chose these.

And now, it’s your turn. I want YOUR feedback.Which of my reasons do you agree or disagree with? Which of the widgets do you find useful, and which do you think I should take out?