It is commonly said that humans are one of the only species of animals to engage in sex for pleasure. I’m not going to go into a debate about whether this is true, and for the purpose of this post – to make a point – I’m going to assume that it is.

I think it’s an interesting thing to note. Yes, even for us, sexual intercourse does serve the same purpose of stopping our species’ from becoming extinct, but how many people actually think that when they are engaging in it? I don’t have experience in the area, but I believe the answer is none (or at least close to none). And that’s one thing that sets us apart from the other animals – other than opposable thumbs, etc. What they do out of necessity we do for pleasure.

Would it be too far to go to link that fact to humans’ higher intelligence? Either way, I think most of you (if you’ve read this blog before) would know where I’m going with this. Even our main biological purpose (reproducing so as to not get extinct) is something that we’ve learned to do for pleasure. While we don’t disregard it’s practical purpose, the main cause for us engaging in it is for pleasure. If that’s the case for a biological purpose ingrained in our physiology, shouldn’t we try to apply that to our other tasks as well?

Shaun from LifeReboot tells us about “The Myth of Separating Work and Play“. Work and play (necessity and enjoyment) are intertwined even in our most basic biological function. I think they shouldn’t be separated in our other tasks either, don’t you agree?

Are you enjoying the work that you’re doing?