Ok, maybe not my literal house. But this blog, my “virtual home”, if you will, is yours as much as mine. And in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d mention this.

This blog is licensed under Creative Commons. Without going into too much legalese, here’s what it means for you. It means you can take my content, and use it in any way you want, with just two conditions. Firstly, if you give me credit by linking to the site. And secondly, if you’re using it for a non-commercial use.

Why this license? Because I would love for you to take my content. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on what I write. But I’d love credit and a link, not only for my ego (though it does play a part), but also to make it easier for me to track the conversations. So I can join in any conversations instigated by the things I write.

So please. Take my content. Reproduce it. Add your thoughts. It’d be an honor to have my content out there.