The Olympics 2012 logo breaks every design rule in the book. It is not simple, it is not memorable, it is not beautiful. Not surprisingly, a lot of bloggers are taking about it and most most of them hate it. Some furious protesters have already launched an online petition against it with some 50,000 signatures already.
The point is, the logo itself made a worldwide impact. Call it ugly, outrageous, or madness, and you will find yourself among those who noticed an olympic logo – something no one cared about until now. Just the number of people overreacting to the logo alone, before seeing how it will fit into the London 2012 brand campaign in general, shows that this will be an olympic logo all of us will remember. One that lives beyond and outside of the 2012 Olympic Games themselves.
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The logo is making such an impact because it’s going against what people expect. It goes against what people expect of a “good logo”. And it’s this uniqueness that gives it its impact, and that’s what is going to make it memorable.

Maybe it’s better to go against what people expect. Even if others think it’s bad, it’ll get people talking and will make an impact.