3 links today, on the theme of variety, and not just trying to fit in with society.

Spectrum: The Future of Music – via Slashdot: The “Loudness Wars”

As a musician and an (aspiring) audio engineer, I don’t really like that this is happening. But on a more general note, I think it shows the value of variety. The variety gives space for different aspects of the song to shine. Similarly, variety in society is what gives individuals opportunities to truly shine. And it gives better quality on the whole as well.

Make $50,000/mth Generating Sales Leads? – LifesPerspective Business Blog

LifesPerspective tells the story of Mark Vurnum, who, as the title says, is making $50,000 a month, while working from home. How? “I think that Mark is one of those online entrepreneurs who have successfully created a niche for himself where it previously did not exist. All credit goes to him for that. He saw what businesses want and supplied that need.” Creating a niche for yourself will give you great success.

Authenticity – Seth Godin

Seth tells us about Eugene Kates, a person who (according to Seth) didn’t do things to please people. Eugene stuck to what he believed in, he stood for something. And that’s precisely why “it was impossible [for everyone] not to respect him.