4 more links for today:

Human Brain Cloud – via Haha.nu

A really interesting game/project. You should try it.

Looking for Passion – David Petersen from The DIP Shtick

Passion is a value that I’ve blogged about a lot. And as you probably know, it’s something I value highly. David Petersen gives us 3 tips on how to find what your passion is. I really agree with the 3rd. And I’m lucky to personally know people like that (both personally – like Lihsia and Cindy – as well as online – like Chris Brogan).

Accepting Your Darkside – Dragos Roua from eDragonu

A great article about how to accept your shortcomings. Knowing your weaknesses is very valuable and will help you achieve your successes. Really recommend you read that article.

21 Critical Life Lessons You Didn’t Learn in School – John Place Online

I’ve always said that school doesn’t really teach crucial life lessons, and John Place gives 21 great examples of things schools don’t teach. Any educators willing to address that issue?