Cindy’s the first person I know who aspires to go into “housekeeping for [a] boutique or luxury hotel”. When most people think of houskeeping, they think about just cleaning up after people, almost like doing chores. Here’s Cindy’s take: “…housekeeping is a lot more than just cleaning a room. it’s about spoiling a guest, you notice habits by just looking at a room. And from there you know how to serve the guest better.”

When you’re passionate about something, you’ll see opportunities that nobody else sees. The opportunities to be significant, to do something to improve the world, is always there. There are a gazillion ways to do it, a gazillion opportunities are available. You just have to learn to see them.

Significance isn’t always noticed immediately and doesn’t have to be big. Housekeepers are significant, they have the potential to make a very significant difference in a person’s hotel stay. Imagine if every housekeeper in a hotel viewed their job how Cindy does, and learns to tailor what they do to the individual guest, be it in when they go to the room, how they arrange the items in the room, etc. It can make the guest’s stay a lot better. And eventually the hotel will get noticed.

In every job, you have the opportunity to be significant. But you’ll only see the opportunity if you have the passion. And you’ll only be able to take it if you are willing to go for that passion and take the risk (of being unnoticed or ridiculed).