It’s been close to 5 years since I’ve stopped blogging. I stopped, and I never resumed, because I struggled with the feeling that I wasn’t good enough. I felt I hadn’t proved anything or done anything, and that there was no value in what I had to say. I told myself that I should wait until I’ve done and achieved more, before I resumed writing.

So I stopped blogging. I let that fear of “not being good enough”, and “not being ready” hold me back from getting back to blogging. And as time passed, my inertia grew, and it got even harder for me to resume. I’ve always known the value of writing here – the value of creating on a regular basis, the value of putting myself out there, and sharing my voice.

I slipped. I let my fear get a hold of me, and I slipped into inertia – that cycle of laziness.

But no more. I’m back here, and for good this time. Maybe I *was* right, and I wasn’t quite ready. But I am now.

The last few years have been great. I’ve traveled (through 10 countries in 2 years), played poker semi-professionally, and was one of the first 100 graduates of Seth Godin’s altMBA.

I started a marketing agency with a friend last year in Singapore. There were challenges, definitely, but it was a great experience, and we had clients such as ONI Global and Intuit Asia. But a few months ago, my business partner received a great opportunity, and so she left the business.

Which brings me to today. And me being back here. I’m not fully sure whether I’m ready. But I’ve decided that there’s no better time for me to get back to this. To get back to spreading the message of doing what you love and being your own person. To continue encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone, lean into their fears.

I’m not waiting to be ready any longer. I’m pushing past the fear and the inertia and all that was holding me back. I’m just going to dive in, and go.

I’m back.

Featured Image: Good to go by blondinrikard licensed under CC-BY