“The key to happiness is low expectations” – Barry Schwartz.

I’m currently considering between two overseas programs to go for, and thinking about it, maybe Mr Schwartz has a point. Originally, when I only knew of one program, I kept thinking that it was the best. Now that there are two choices, it just seems that whichever one I go for, there’ll be a nagging thought of “what if I went for the other one…maybe this or that would be better?”.

Multiply that by a hundred. That’s the kind of choice we’re faced with daily nowadays. Clothes, TV programs, etc. Everywhere we turn we’re faced with thousands of choices. Older generations always seem to say that the new generations are more spoilt, and more uncontented and ungrateful about what we have. Given the choice we have, is it any wonder we tend to have second thoughts and tend to want more?