A common theme (at least an intended common theme) in this blog has always been about pursuing your dreams, and your own passions. To not just settle for what others do, or what society expects, but to chase after what you believe in, and to find your own meaning in life.

And that’s why I love The Butterfly Hunter by Chris Ballard, the subject of today’s Friday Flip-Through. In his book, Chris talks to 10 people who have found their life’s calling, doing really unusual jobs. These are people who have beaten the odds, pursuing a career that few even consider. But it’s a career that they love. They love what they do. More than just “what they do”, their jobs are who they are. It’s a part of them.

10 people. Among them a lady lumberjack, a train geek, a building climber, a NFL kicking coach. 10 very different professions. But one thing in common. They are doing what they do best. They are living their dreams. And most importantly – to me, at least – they are fulfilling their passions.

These 10 people show us the value of doing what you love. It’s the passion for what they do that drive them and keep them going. And that passion is something we would all do well to have.

This book won’t give you a formulaic guide on how to achieve your dream job. What it will do is inspire you in the value of pursuing it. There are people out there living their passions, doing what they love. You can be one of them too.

Yes, it’s a risk. But as these 10 people show, it’s worth the risk. After all, as Chris says, that “is the one thing that can give… life meaning.”

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