I mentioned Kevin Carroll a few months ago, and he was nice enough to send me an autographed copy of his book (completely unexpectedly). He’s an awesome guy, doing amazing things, and spreading a great message in his blog.

But back to his book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. It’s a short, simple book. And small, so you can carry it everywhere (and it’s probably a good idea to, so you can share it with others). But it carries an important message. The Red Rubber Ball symbolizes “play”. To quote the book, “It’s any activity, topic or purpose that makes you excited about the day.”

His book is all about finding that purpose. He shares his personal story, which is an inspiring and amazing one. With his story, he inspires us to discover our own passion, and pursue it. And he gives us 7 simple rules of doing so.

I highly recommend it for everyone. It’s a really simple book. But with a really powerful and inspiring message, that I think we all need to hear.

You can buy it from here, for only just over $10. Definitely worth the money.

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