Richard Cockrum asks the question: Are You Willing to Be Free?

Many of us want freedom, but yet many of us don’t make the choice to take it. Often, freedom comes with risk. When you have nothing holding you back, it tends to be less safe. Think of a harness when you’re rock climbing. No I’m not recommending you rock climb without a harness, it’s just an illustration. The harness, while it might hold you back slightly and hinder your freedom of movement slightly, also provides safety. It’s the same for many things in life. Safety often comes at the expense of freedom.

And that’s why many people don’t choose the path of freedom. While they talk about wanting freedom, it comes with risks that most are unwilling to take.

What’s your choice today? Restraints – but with more safety? Or freedom – at the price of risks? I’d rather have the latter.

Link via Steve Olsen: Best of the Internet 9-9-07