Business 2.0 reports on Danny Rimer: The Venture Capital King of Europe.

He’s been part of huge successes that no doubt you’ve heard of:, Skype, Joost, and more. And he says that “When it comes to innovation, Europe is the place to be.”

He looks for technologies that have the potential to redefine the world. And those are more often found in Europe, in his opinion (Skype, and the web itself being two examples). Paradigm-shifting technologies.

More important than where he looks, though, is what he looks for. Not just good technologies, not just new technologies that can be marketed. He looks for innovative ideas that redefine life as we know it. Things that can change the world. And that’s one of the reasons (in my opinion) he’s such a huge success.

You might not be a venture capitalist, but opportunities to do something significant are everywhere. Are you looking to just do something that sells, to just do something that becomes a hit and is well liked? Or do you want to do something that changes the world? I’d choose the latter. And I think Danny Rimer has shown that it’s worthwhile.