It seems to me that the main purpose (or at least one of the main purposes) of schools now is as a form of self-advertising. Students want to go into the best school possible and get the best grades so that when they graduate, they can get a job more easily. It’s a form of promoting oneself, of making yourself look good. Students worry about bad grades or about not getting into the school they want not because they think they’ll learn less, but because they think it will affect their chances of getting a job. The certificate has become the main aim of the education system, not the education. And while the certificate does help, it’s the education that ultimately will be the deciding factor.

Advertising can only get you so far. The best form of marketing is to create a good product worth talking about. Similarly, the certificate you gain from your education can only get you so far. The best thing you can do is to get the education and learn the skills. If you gain the abilities and skills, even if your certificate does not look that nice, you’ll be able to make it.

The education system should be about the education itself, not about the certificate you get from it.