“Its nice to dream, but being down to earth is always better.” That’s a quote from a local (Singaporean) youth forum. Sadly, it’s probably quite a common view, especially around here. And I’ve got to say that I disagree greatly with that.

Being down to earth is always easier. But I can’t say it’s better. Being down to earth often means not dreaming, not striving for better. But just settling for where you are.

If you’re going to be “down to earth”, you’ll never soar to the skies. You’ll never be able to explore the vast expanse of space that is out there. You’ve got to be willing to leave earth. To dream big. To leave the atmosphere that you’re so comfortable is.

The universe is such a big place. There’s so much to explore, so much to find out. There are so many opportunities available. Why limit yourself to being just “down to earth”?