Singapore Life and Times reports about a young man who died in a triathlon.

The 17 year old youth collapsed at the end of his trials, which he had come in second place. He died of heart failure at a hospital less than 2 hours later.

More people questioned why a defibrillator – an expensive equipment costing $3000 – $4000 – was not available, as if it is THE equipment that could would have made the difference.

As a Certified First Aider, I think that the 3 persons on the scene who claimed that they knew CPR should have done what they had been trained to do. Performing CPR has the same effect as a defibrillator – only it takes much more effort, but, when done properly, is just as effective. If the 3 decided that CPR was not necessary because the victim had a pulse, then even if a defib is available, do you think they will use it? I suspect not, but we will never know now. So the availability of a defib is an albatross.

Let’s not blame the equipment, but the process.

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Most of the time, we don’t do all we can to help. We think it’s not necessary, we think that maybe someone else would do it. And we blame the lack of equipment and resources. Be it in situations like this, or even in business situations, in every part of our daily lives. We can make a difference. More often than not, there’s something we can do to help, to make a difference.

Don’t wait for resources and equipment. Take the step to make the difference yourself. It’s not the equipment, it’s the people that matter.