I think we’ve all wondered what it’d be like to talk to animals (at least once in our childhood days). To have an experience like the “Wild Thornberries” cartoon.

Last night I was just thinking. How do we know that animals even communicate? What’s to say they aren’t just making meaningless noises?

Imagine you’ve lived in a cave all your life and your first experience with technology/civilization is in New York City. You step on the street and you hear cars honking at each other (you don’t know what a car is, of course). Because you don’t know what the sound is, you could assume that these metallic beings are communicating with each other.

But we all know that isn’t true. The honking of cars doesn’t really mean much, does it? It’s just a sound to notify someone of your existence. It’s just noise. Isn’t it possible that animals are that way to?

Honestly, this probably doesn’t have that much implications on us. Just something I thought of.

And what about you? Are you just making a noise or are you truly saying something (with your life/actions/etc)?