Diamonds are made of carbon. It’s the same thing that pencil lead is made of. The difference between diamond and pencil lead? The molecular bonds in diamond are stronger. These bonds are formed in high temperatures and high pressure. That’s why diamond is so durable, why it lasts so long, and largely, what makes it so valuable. The bonds within it.

It’s the same with people. The strongest relationships are the ones formed under difficult conditions. When there’s pressure. It’s not about always having the same interests and thinking the same things. wrote about this a couple of months ago:

“It turns out, apparently, that after you get over that first irritation, after you shed your shell of “they listen to different music because they wouldn’t understand mine” superiority, there’s a sort of comfort in needing other people and being needed on a level beyond common interests”

That’s what builds the best and strongest friendships. I know it’s not something we look forward to. Even personally, conflict (especially with friends) isn’t something I’d want. But it can’t always be avoided, and it is what makes the friendship the most valuable.