“Although the U.S. Government and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) do not classify Dihydrogen Monoxide as a toxic or carcinogenic substance (as it does with better known chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and benzene), DHMO is a constituent of many known toxic substances, diseases and disease-causing agents, environmental hazards and can even be lethal to humans in quantities as small as a thimbleful.” (from http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html) For more facts, click here. And I assure you, these facts are 100% accurate.

Do you think it should be banned? If you do, you’re not alone. Check out these statistics. I’m not sure how true all of them are. But some studies are reflected in other sites, so I think they are quite accurate. And it’s not just junior high students, even the city council of Aliso Viejo, California wanted to take action against it.

I’m amazed at how easily people follow the bandwagon, and how easily they just follow scientific talk without thinking for themselves. And to see that the problem could go all the way up to a city council (which considered it and actually put it on the agenda), is amusing, though troubling.

Have we really come to a point where we don’t think for ourselves and merely listen to what others say? James K. Glassman of the Washington Post puts the blame largely on politicians, journalists and scientists for not presenting facts responsibly.

I’m not buying that. Yes, those in power should present facts responsibly. But I think the public should be able to think for themselves. Has it come to a point where we can only rely on what others tell us, and not know how to think for ourselves? I really hope not. But it seems like society’s heading in that direction. And it’s quite troubling.

Yes I know this is an old hoax, but well, it just came to my mind today. And for those who still haven’t figured it out yet, dihydrogen monoxide = H2O = Water.