This story is a couple of months old, so if you already know of it, my apologies. But the show didn’t air in Singapore (or at least I don’t think it did), so I was kind of out of the loop about it.

Anyway, the main story. I think I’ll let the video clip speak for itself. Here’s Connie Talbot, finalist in Britain’s Got Talent (though many say she should have won).

*It’s only 7 minutes, so watch it, if you haven’t befor. Stop reading for a while and watch it. Or even if you have, maybe you’d want to watch it again. Done? Ok, now you may continue.

There’s nothing much I can say other than it’s pure inspiration. Really goes to show that age doesn’t matter and that (cliche as it sounds) dreams really can come true. Absolutely brilliant, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future.

Watch the video, and learn from her. Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing and achieving your dream.