Here’s a cool project called Project Friendmarked, started by a friend and fellow songwriter, Galvin.

It’s good to see people making use of the internet to connect people. That’s what it was originally meant for, but in our constant rush through lives, we tend to lose connection with the world. We should learn to slow down and make connections with the world. Carl Honore in his TED Talk gives the example of how the “roadrunner culture” almost caused him to lose connection with his son. Even parent-child relationships are being affected by this culture of speed today, and it’s disappointing to see.

With so many tools available to us today, with the technology made so freely available especially on the internet, we should make use of it better to help connect people. The Friendmarked project is a great example of this. The internet can be a huge resource for connecting people, if only we make use of it. Rives, in this poem, gives us just a glimpse of the possibilities the internet presents.

As Rives says in his poem. “It’s not a question of if you can. It’s do you?” The opportunities are all there. We just need to take them. We should take a leaf from Galvin’s book and try to help connect people. The world needs it.