I came across this poker article, on reciprocality. The premise is this:

In the world of reciprocality, it’s not what you do that matters most, and it’s not what they do. It’s both. Reciprocality is any difference between you and your opponents that affects your bottom line. Reciprocality says that when you and your opponents would do the same thing in a given situation, no money moves, and when you do something different, it does.

It’s not necessarily what you do, it’s what you do differently from others. It’s how you set yourself apart that matters, and where the profit comes from.

And it’s true not only in poker, but in all of life, I think. If you’re doing the same things as everybody else, you’re not gaining an advantage. You’re not pulling ahead. What matters the most is what you do differently from others.

What are you doing today that’s different – that help sets you apart?