Okay, I’ve actually been back for a while, but haven’t been feeling too well and all. But yeah, I’m finally back in action and this blog is coming back up.

First off, one of the days while in Australia I overheard a couple of ladies talking. And it was quite startling for me. They were talking about one of their kids (or their friend’s kid, can’t remember). This kid, if I’m not wrong the kid was about 3, was apparently brought to play mini-golf and was really against it. But after getting a hole in one in the first hole, he got really into it and started enjoying it a lot. The ladies were talking about how confidence is very important to a child and all. But one thing that struck me a lot. Have we really come to this – that even 3 year old children are obsessed about winning and only enjoy things when they win? I sincerely hope not.

Second, Hillsong Conference 2007. It was awesome. I wish I could go for 2008, but I doubt it. It was a great experience, though. There was a lot of talk about stepping out and making a difference. Ed Young talked about how all of us are creative and how our creativity is from God and all. And throughout the whole conference there was a recurring theme of stepping out from the known and daring to try the unknown. In the words of Brian Houston, “Rather than be a generation that serves history, let’s be a generation that makes history.” That’s a challenge I want to pose to all you Christians out there – to to take a step of faith to make history for God. God’s given all of us abilities and talents and creativity in abundance, are you going to let it go to waste? Or will you make it count for God?