Just had an interesting thought yesterday. Might not be the best analogy, and I know it has its flaws, but hear me out at least (if you still think it’s a stupid analogy, feel free to place a comment. Just try to keep it reasonable and not a personal attack on me, yeah?).

Generally, when using a pencil, we want the pencil tip to be sharper. A more even, blunt tip might be less likely to break, but its markings tend to be more blurred. A sharper, finer tip allows the artist more control and make bolder, stronger and clearer markings.

If you want to be significant and stand out, focus is key. Being well-rounded is less risky but in doing so, you won’t stand out. If you’re good at one thing, and focused, it allows you to stand out more.

Another analogy in physics: Ever notice how aerodynamic designs always have a sharp, focused tip? A ball may be able to roll further, but it doesn’t fly as high as a missile.

Well-roundedness provides stability and sustainability – it’s less risky – but it also doesn’t allow you to soar and to stand out like you can.

Add-on: I read this post by Seth Godin just after coming up with this post idea. Seth Godin’s been an inspiration to me (anyone who knows me will know), and yep.