I normally don’t really like getting involved in ‘blog tag’, but I was tagged by Chris Brogan for 8 random things. And since Chris has done a lot to help me, why not just join in the game. So here goes.

8 Random Things about Derrick Kwa

  1. The first football (soccer for you Americans) match I ever watched (on tv) was in the 1997-98 EPL season. Actually it was an FA cup match. In which Arsenal beat Newcastle 3-1. And I’ve been a football and Arsenal fan ever since.
  2. The first professional blogger I read was Seth Godin.
  3. I have a habit of drinking (or eating, can’t figure out which is the proper term) can soup at 1.30am.
  4. Unlike Chris, I can remember lyrics to songs very well. I can remember lyrics of songs I haven’t listened to in years.
  5. I almost never leave the house in just a t-shirt. I’m always wearing something with a collar.
  6. Like Chris, I’m quite a quick learner. And similar to him, I don’t really excel at most things. I pick up the basics and get to an average level faster than most, but don’t really surpass that.
  7. I can’t stand people who try to act smart when they aren’t.
  8. I really don’t like the color pink on guys.

Ok, now my turn to tag others.

Lihsia, Alex Killby, Peter Haslam, Sarah Deutsch.