If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you can probably tell I’m a huge believer in focus – in doing one thing, one thing alone, and diving in fully into that one thing. And I believe I’m better than most at it.

In the past couple of weeks, though, I’ve found myself slipping. I’ve been distracted, and taken my eye off the ball a bit. And I’ve found myself taking on projects I shouldn’t have taken, and spending time and energy working on things that I don’t want to be working on – and don’t take me towards where I want to be.

And you know what, that’s okay. Because we all slip sometimes. I still believe in that laser-focus. But I’m human, and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes we make mistakes, and slip up. And it’s very important to realize and accept that that’s okay.

Beating yourself up over it, dwelling on it and feeling like you’ve failed – that doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all yourself. The trick is to acknowledge that “yes, I made a mistake”, accept it and forgive yourself – and then pick yourself up and move on. Even if sometimes the process of picking yourself up goes slowly.

But it’s really important to remember this – it’s okay to slip up sometimes. We all do.

Photo credit: Rob Swatski